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Such a feeling of disconnect.

Today I felt unbelievably mixed up.

I missed my best friend’s wedding shower. Actually, I missed three wedding showers this weekend.

I realized this today while I was at work and the the revelation stopped me in my tracks for a moment. How was it possible that I was missing so much in one weekend?

It was the most disconnected feeling imaginable today. I knew the party was going on. I knew I should be there; that I should be participating. That I should be there supporting my best friend.

And yet, there I was. Sweeping the floor of a flower shop in Boston. Trimming the stems of flowers in a flower shop in Boston. Making bouquets for desperate men in Boston.

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  1. March 29, 2010 at 10:27 pm

    Sweet Katie, does today’s AWESOME news make up for Saturday & Sunday’s disconnection? Maybe not make-up…but…idk, sorry I’m not good with words. Either way, you are so loved whether you are there in person or whether you are there in spirit! We all (and I am speaking for the other 2 friends’ showers you could not attend this weekend) understand and I know we are all so EXTREMELY happy for you!

    Keep your chin up, dear friend, you will be here in person very soon! And until then, your spirit is amazing!

    Love you!

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