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Well. I guess it’s finally time to update everyone on life in Boston. A good update. A thorough update.

Work is great right now. Although the hours are long (LONG), the work is mentally and physically taxing and I’m exhausted by the time I get off work I love it.

Here’s a rundown of what it entails: If I open the shop I have to be at work at 7:30, except on the weekends. Luckily the shop opens later on Saturdays and Sundays. I spend the first 2-3 hours setting up the display out front. Some days, like Sunday, it can be crazy busy in the morning and the display will end up taking me close to four hours. This is good though because it means the time absolutely flies by. After that I usually have a list of things to take care of, which is left by the person who closed the night before. This can consist of things like making bouquets, sweeping, watering the plants inside and outside and myriad other things. It’s rare to actually finish the list within my shift though, simply because the shop does keep so busy. Especially rush hour. Whoa. Rush hour SUCKS.

But the job is enjoyable. It’s more about the people than anything else. My bosses are wonderful. They’re a married couple and started the company a number of years ago. My co-workers also are great. We get along really well so far. There’s two Katie’s who work here (big surprise). So the other Katie is “Little Katie” and I am “Katie Texas.” I like it.

Then there’s the customers. For the most part, people are great. I love making bouquets of the dozen or half-dozen of roses for men. They’re always so appreciative and I have to believe that somewhere in Boston one woman’s (or man’s, you never know) day is being brightened by something that I made. It’s a good feeling.

One day I was outside setting up the display and a man came up and introduced himself to me. He said (and the Boston accent was insane), “Hello, my name is Sonny. I’m looking for flow’as for my sistah. So’s here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna stand out here and drink my coffee. And if you would be a doll I want you go make somethin’ real pretty for my sistah. Thanks, sweetheart.”

Uh, Ok. That was amazing. And so I decided to get creative and I put together a bouquet of white roses and vivid purple tulips. I’m all about the simple. And that sweet, awesome Boston guy loved it. Or he said, “I’m a guy. Do’s I look like I know what to do when it comes to flowahs?” Hahaha. He gave me a $5 tip though and told me to get coffee. Thank you, I did.

Another morning I was opening and man came by looking for something for his wife. He said he only had $7.50, and what could he get for that much? I told him he could get a bunch of tulips but they’re $8. After begging me to drop the price (which I couldn’t do because I’m only an employee) he called his friend who lives in the area to ask him for a dollar. I guess he really wanted the flowers. Anyway his friend wasn’t around so he got off the phone and was extremely dejected. Then something pretty cool happened.

A bum was walking by and stopped and pulled out a dollar. He handed it to the man, who looked a little surprised. The bum goes, “You’re short, right? Here’s a dollar.” The other guy said, “Thanks, man!” And the bum says, “Don’t thank me; thank God.”

It was pretty cool. It’s things like that that make this job interesting. And life in general.

So now on to St. Patrick’s Day. It was so much fun! My friend from home came in town with his best friend for the last leg of their road trip and stayed at my apartment. Although I had to work from 7:30 to about 4:30 I met up with them as soon as I was off work. And from there the drinking commenced. We saw so many crazy people. Boston gets wild! There was green everywhere we looked, including a man dressed in a lime green spandex body suit. Haha.

I definitely should have dressed up better. I suppose now I’ll know for next year.

After my friend left on Friday, though, I got incredibly homesick. More than anything I wanted to jump in the car and hide in the backseat for the ride back to Lubbock. It’s not that I’m unhappy here; it’s just that it gets lonely sometimes. I still miss my best friends, my parents, my familiar and safe life back home.

But then I meet people who make this uncertainty up here worthwhile. I meeet random strangers on the streets of Boston who remind me why I’m here and what I’m doing. I take encouragement from the people who come into the shop and strike up a conversation with me when they hear me say “ya’ll” and then commend me for making the move. I see things here that I know I wouldn’t see or experience back home and it makes it better. It’s just a matter of getting used to the pace and life up here and then I’ll be fine. It takes time!

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