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Two months ago tonight.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been two months.

Two months ago, at this moment, I was at Chili’s with my two best friends and my little sister, drinking margaritas and talking, laughing and living.

Two months ago I was nervous wreck.

Two months ago I had no clue what would happen the next day.

Two months ago I had no idea who I would meet, the things I would do or the places I would see.

I never imagined how much my life could change. I never imagined that the places I Google-mapped for hours during stupid editing class last fall would at last become familiar to me. I never thought that I would so quickly find people I get along with or find places that have become my regular haunts.

And now?

Now. Now things are good. I shouldn’t have worried so much that last night in little old Midland.

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