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Oh, Boston. You make me smile.

Yesterday was one of those perfect, epic days. The type of day that you want to remember forever.

The morning started with a ridiculous encounter in a seemingly normal Starbucks. I was out running errands around sunny, beautiful Boston. (There is just something about Boston when it’s sunny. It’s gorgeous and bright and shiny.). I decided to pop into Starbucks, get a delicious drink and sit for a few minutes. I had just bought Valentine’s Day cards for special people and thought that would be the perfect time to sit, relax and write my notes.

I walk in, noting the multiple signs advertising skinny vanilla lattes. Did YOU know a tall skinny vanilla latte only has 90 calories? I didn’t. But they are extremely proud of this fact.

Even though a grande chai normally is my drink of choice (read: addiction.), I decided that I would mix it up and go for a vanilla latte, hold the skinny.

The line in Starbucks was about six people deep. I joined the queue of those of us waiting to get our daily fix of caffeine. Or maybe hourly fix. Let’s be honest. When I stand in lines I tend to zone out until I get up to the front. I was doing just that, and staring into the case of pastries, when I heard a voice behind me. You know how when you hear something and even though you didn’t quite understand it you’re 95% sure you’re being spoken to? That’s what this was. So I turn around and I  say,

“Do what?” (That’s my brilliant response. I know. I’ve been made fun of before.)

The man who was behind me was about 40 or 45, graying, wore glasses and had on a navy baseball cap. He looked relatively normal, but what’s normal these days anyway? He looks at me and says,

“Hello, pretty. How are you doing today?”

Um…what? I blinked. Blink again. Then again before finally coming up with a coherent response.

“I’m doing well, thanks. How are you today?” (Great. Just great. Invite the man to continue talking. Stellar.)

“Just fantastic, thanks for asking.” (Small smile.”

“Good, that’s good.” At this point I turn around, willing to chalk it up to an older gentleman simply complimenting a younger girl and hoping she’s doing well.

But wait. It gets better. So much better. The next thing I hear is,

“Are you spiritual?”

I turn around. Slowly. In a bit of shock.

“Um…I go to church.”

“I don’t mean ‘religious.’ I mean spiritual.” (Am I going to get into a theological debate with this random stranger? Now? In Starbucks?) “Do you commune with God, have conversations with him? Do you have a relationship with him, without the rules and regulations of a church or religion?”

“Oh. Um, yes, I suppose when you put it like that, I do.” (To be honest, he really threw me off here because he basically described my belief system to a T. But that’s another story for another day.)

“You seem like a very spiritual person.” (What? What about my demeanor makes me seem spiritual?)

I asked. How could I not, right? You would. You know it.

“Your scarf. Your general aura is just very spiritual. And you’re very pretty.”

Thank you, nice man. Thank you for upping my ego, telling me I look spiritual, and generally entertaining me on this nondescript day.

It gets better.

I’m still in line, wondering if people around us are listening to our conversation. I had turned back toward the front thinking that our conversation was over, but it definitely was not. At this point I’m wholeheartedly wishing that I had chosen a different place to grab coffee. The man wasn’t completely freaky or anything; I just was not in the mood to be thrown that conversation yesterday.

Get ready for this.

He leans in close and says,

“I pray that God protects you and watches over you and loves you. I pray that he sends you a man who loves God more than he loves you to be with you and love you always. In Jesus’ name, I pray.”


I say, “Thank you. That means a lot to me.” Why I chose to say that I honestly cannot say. But it felt appropriate.

At this point, I figured I had two choices. I could be really freaked out and avoid Starbucks, or I could be willing to believe that maybe something more interesting was going on. Yes, it was a very, very odd thing for the man to say, but all creepiness aside, it was very nice. Maybe it was what I needed to hear. Maybe God, or something, knew things of that nature had been on my mind. I don’t know.

After thinking about it for a day, and since the shock has worn off a little, I feel bad for being so freaked out. I don’t want to cheapen it, because it definitely was an interesting experience. He meant well.

Then I got scoffed at by the skinny guy working at Starbucks. Um, hi. I am not overweight. I do not want my vanilla latte skinny. So, Mr. Starbucks, please do not visibly curl your lip at me and ask me if I’m sure when I say, thanks, but I want a regular vanilla latte. Not skinny. Yes, I know it has only 90 calories, but really, I don’t want it skinny.

Geez. All of this before I’ve even HAD any coffee. It was enough to make me want to go get back in bed and hide for the day.

Despite all the craziness, those are exactly the type of encounters that make me smile and love living in a city. Because really? Who doesn’t want to be prayed over in Starbucks?

I stayed in Starbucks yesterday and finished up writing my notes. I have a thing for writing cards to people. I love the entire process. I love spending time picking out the cards and making sure the sentiment is right, just right. Not too corny, not too mushy. I like handwriting my thoughts out, even though it’s an archaic practice. I love addressing the envelope. Don’t ask me why. I just do. It’s satisfying. It’s one of my little quirks.

Yesterday evening I went out with a few of my new friends. It was fantastic. At one point one of my all-time favorite songs came on. “Sometime around Midnight” by The Airborne Toxic Event. It’s an amazing song. When I heard it I had one of those utterly perfect moments. The type of moment where everything is so fantastically clear. I looked around the bar and thought, “Here I am. I’m in Boston. I’m 21 and young and with new friends. I’m about to start a sweet new job. I did it. I’m living it.”

Those three minutes of the song were honestly the highlight of my evening. Which is kind of sad, but you know, I don’t care. That song means a lot to me.

Last night was awesome. Besides the rockin’ music I met some great and fun people. I just let loose and talked and talked and talked. There was a lot going on. There were gay boys kissing. (Hehe.) There was picture-taking. There were people dancing. There was some singing. (Don’t worry; I refrained. I know I’m not allowed.) Through it all I just smiled and honestly? I was proud of myself. Proud that I moved 2,000 miles away and am going out with new people. I’m glad that I didn’t hide in my room, scared to death and homesick. Yes, I’ve been homesick occasionally, but I’m so happy.

I knew moving was the right thing for me. And I’m sorry to continue tooting my own horn but all of you know how much this move meant to me. You know this was a radical choice I made and you have to expect that I’m going to talk about how I feel through it.

Soon, though, I’ll finally have something new to start talking about: my new job. I’m so ready to begin working. Once I start I’ll finally be able to settle in and get a routine. I won’t feel like I’m just on some sort of extended vacation. It will be great. I can’t wait to figure out what I’m going to be doing.

Anyway. That’s all for today. I keep thinking that if I wrote my papers and stories for class back in school with as much determination as I’ve been putting into this thing lately I would have had better grades. Oh, well.

Love you all. Miss you terribly.

  1. James
    February 12, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    Well we are glad you write your thoughts, because they make us laugh and think.

    I hope the old man’s prayer comes true for you… You certainly deserve a great guy to take care of you (Not that you need for someone to take care of you… but you know what I mean).

    I’m ecstatic you are having such a stellar time in Boston. L-Town has been strange with all the freakish snow storms then sunshine to melt it all away within a day’s work.

    Keep up the talk talk talk… You will trip on some great conversations from time to time.

  2. February 12, 2010 at 6:12 pm

    This gave me chills, Katie! How awesome is our God?!?! Keep holding true to His promises and keeping living out your dream, friend! I’m so excited for you! Wish we could come visit!

  3. Shannon
    February 12, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    I am glad you are settling in and meeting new people.
    When things like that have happened to me, it has turned out true about what was said or things did happen the way they have said they would. I have learned to trust in these things. Mike and I went on a voodoo/cemetery tour when we went to New Orleans a couple years ago. The voodoo lady said things that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Strange, I know.

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