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Time flies.

Oh, Lord.

Here we go. Things are starting. It’s all downhill from here.

I turned in four projects last week: editing, an intense English paper, multi-platform, and reporting. Then I had my reporting presentation today and had to post everything on the Internet. All that’s between me and graduation is two finals, two stories to write for yearbook, stories to edit for yearbook, and finishing up the Mass Communicator.

Where did the time go? How is it possible that it’s already time to graduate from college? I dont’ want to grow up. Part of me is frustrated that I just started figuring out who my friends are and enjoying college, and now I have to leave.

But what am I saying??? I’m starting a brand new adventure! This is something I have wanted for so long, and I’m actually doing it. That’s so rare.

I’m moving to BOSTON. Beautiful.

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