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Time flies.

Wow. I cannot believe it’s the end of October. Where did the semester go? Seriously.

And the fact that it is the end of October? Scares me. Way too much. There is so much I have to do in terms of Boston, and nothing can happen until I find a place to live. I still need to figure out what I’m taking with me, what I’m selling, if I can take Copper. And, oh yeah, I need that little thing called a job…argh. I’m excited to take care of the little details though. I can’t wait to buy a T card, and go on my first grocery shopping expedition. I can’t wait to eventually meet who I’ll be living with. I’m excited to see Boston covered in snow…I bet it’s beautiful. The thing I’m most excited about, though? Buying that one-way ticket. Wow. That’s…terrifying.


In other news, school actually is going well. For the most part. It’s hard to care sometimes, but then I remind myself that I HAVE to do well this semester. My multi-platform class is nowhere near as difficult as I thought it’d be, and I’ve made some really great friends in there. It makes me excited for graduation, because I finally have gotten to the point in school where I have class with all the same people. I was talking to a friend about it yesterday, and she said graduation will be special because we will all be clapping and cheering for each other. We all went through this (awful, time-consuming, stressful) major together, and together? We made it. That will be special.

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