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Just missing something…

September 16, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I would really go for a kiss right now. A sweet, simple, heartfelt kiss. I probably shouldn’t be putting this up on the Web, but I just wanted to send it out there.

 I’ve been having a couple of days where I’m terrified of being single. I know now is an important time for me to stay single, have fun and simply date, but sometimes it is difficult. It gets lonely.


Enough complaining.


I feel like I’m missing something.

What do I miss? Everything. It’s one of those nights. I just feel a little niggle in the back of my head; something that makes me feel just a bit off.

I miss Boston. Today I was walking to class, had my iPod on and was really deep in thought. I was so deep in thought that when I looked up and around me I started a bit. I was expecting to find myself in the Boston Common. Isn’t that weird? It was what I’d been thinking about. I guess I was trying to get myself there.

I feel like that is how I get through my days now. My day is broken up into parts, each signifying that I am so many hours closer to moving away. To getting out. To being on my own. Of course, it also means I’m that much closer to having to figure out what the hell I’m doing with my life. Sigh…time to start actively looking for a job this weekend. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Besides wishing my life away, things are going well. School sucks, but everything else is great. I’ve been hanging out with cool people and generally having a good time. Which is actually very different for me. It was time for some improvements.

In some exciting news, I’m the new editor-in-chief of the Mass Communicator. It’s a magazine put out by Tech. The stories are all written by the public relations students, and I get to edit all of them. It should be interesting. I’m really looking forward to getting started. It will definitely give me something to concentrate on. And it will be a fantastic resume boost.


I’m…not really sure what else to say. I have been in a funny mood lately. I just want to be home and be by myself. Maybe I’m turning into a hermit. It’s possible.


My friend Michael put a fantastic quote on his Facebook recently: 

“The more I think about it… The reason I am who I am today is because I’ve never stopped dreaming.”

 I love this. (Thanks, Michael!)

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