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New Place. New Me.

Well, people,


Things have changed once and for all since the last time I blogged. I don’t even remember when that was.


I am officially, 100% moved out of the 48th house. Although I will miss both of my roommates (and the multitudes of space) I love, love, LOVE my little one bedroom apartment. It already feels like home, and I love knowing I can do what I want with it. My living room/dining area are much bigger than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise. The entire place is better than I thought it would be. I have a fantastic view of the pool, and my apartment is nestled in among all the others. There are also a lot more college students living here than I would have thought. Half the cars in my parking lot have commuter north stickers.

When it came to moving in, I was a little worried, but thanks to some great friends I was able to move in with no problem. I woke up bright and eary Friday morning and threw myself into packing with a vengeance. I spent the entire day at it. At 5, I was able to go pick up my keys and see the apartment for the first time! Thomas came with me, and crammed a huge load of boxes and bags into my car. (Apologies for my gigantic boxes of books, guys.) After we that stuff in to the apartment, we met Nate, Matthew and Jess back at the house. I was amazed, but we were able to get all my furniture and the rest of my stuff (minus a few odds and ends) in TWO loads. Thanks so much guys; I couldn’t have done it without you.

After everyone had left, Thomas and I went to get groceries at Wal-Mart, ran them back to the apartment, unloaded the stuff that needed to be refridgerated, and then made one last trip to the house. There, I got my hanging clothes and hangars, and Thomas loaded the rest of my food. Then I cleaned my bathroom, vacuumed my room,  and did a few dishes. Once the car was loaded, we had one last task: To get Felix into his carrier and into the car. Oh. My. God. That normally sweet-tempered cat became “Exorcist cat.” At the sight of the carrier, he dug his claws HARD into my arms. When faced with the opening into the dark unknown, he twisted. Thomas finally had to upend the carrier and shove Felix head first into the cage. However, Felix wasn’t going down without a fight. Like a cartoon, Felix locked all his paws against the sides of the opening and shoved back. But it wasn’t even over once he was in the carrier. He spun and flipped (quite a feat for him being such a huge cat in a tiny crate), and cried the entire way home. It almost made me cry, even with Thomas cursing at him for clawing his fingers. 🙂 Once we got to the apartment we ran him into the bathroom, shut the door, and let him out. He had shed a pound of fur on the ride. Poor little guy.

After that little trauma, I wasn’t sure what he would do for the next couple of days. But he’s been so happy, sunning himself in the windows and playing more than I’ve ever seen him play.


It’s been an ordeal trying to organize everything, but I’m finally almost finished. I love it!


I feel like I’m finally returning to myself. No more stress. No more fear. No more anger. No more resentment. I feel cleansed.

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