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I Worry Too Much.

I have NEVER in my life felt so overwhelmed by pure anger. It’s like every negative feeling from the beginning of the semester has decided to revisit me. I am livid. I can feel it coursing through me, and I literally feel as though I’m shaking. I can’t sleep. I actually want to punch something. And then worst part is, I’m taking it out on someone I love. I’m resentful, hurt, angry, mad, sad. I am an ugly person right now. I think I can safely say that this has been an awful semester. Strike three for Tech and Lubbock. Screw you, West Texas.


I’m sick of hypocritical people. I’m tired of projects and papers that are constantly being assigned. I’m sick of being forced to do things I don’t want to do and constantly being on guard. I’m sick of feeling uncomfortable in places I should feel safe, and I’m sick of worrying that I’m always doing something wrong. I’m so tired of putting myself out to make sure other people are happy and not mad at me. I”m sick of not being able to see the most important person in my life when I need to. I miss him all the time, and even when I do see him, I feel as though I’m doing something wrong. I don’t want to write about things I don’t care about. I miss seeing my friends. I’m sick of drama, and feeling like I’m back in high school. I hate everything right now. School sucks. I just want to move out of this town. I don’t want to worry about everything anymore.


This makes me sound awful. But I don’t really care right now.

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