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Just a Little Off.

Today has just been a weird day. I woke up in the funniest mood. Not quite a bad mood, but definitely close. I just felt…off. Like I would bite someone’s head off at the tiniest provocation. I stayed in my room for about three hours after I woke up for this reason.


Then, I tried to go get my sister’s birthday present. I was so proud of myself, considering her birhtday isn’t until March. But at Christmas, I’d tried to get her these sweatpants from Victoria’s Secret. They were college themed, and had a bunch of A&M sweats. But, they were really expensive and, of course, didn’t have her size. So I decided to find something else. Then, I was told by my mom’s friend that Victoria’s Secret was having a huge sale and those sweats were half off the original proce. My mom was there too, and they both said I should head up to the store in Lubbock when I got back and get them for my sister for her birthday. I was so excited, because I wanted to give them to her so, so bad. Of course, I got really sickl (killer case of strep) upon my return to Lubbock, so I couldn’t go get the pants. I finall went today, and called my mom to confirm my sister’s pant size. Guess what she tells me?

“I got the pants for her, Katie. I didn’t think you would. But you can get her something else.”

Gee, Mom. Thanks. That was my idea at freakin’ Christmas. I was a little peeved, to say the least. OK, fine, I was incredibly frustrated. It’s my sister’s 18th birthday in March, she’s going to college in the fall, and I’d found a great gift. I’m kind of in shock that happened. I guess it would have been worse if I got them without calling her and we gave my sister the same gift.


I’m ready to get further into this semester. It’s going to be tough. Five writing intensive classes. One good thing is that when finals come around, I don’t have one final exam. HOWEVER, I do have five final papers/presentations/projects that will all be turned in on or around May 2. That just sounds…scary. But I’m excited. I have a bunch of presentations this semester, and finally, they don’t strike a horrifying chord of fear in my heart. I used to dread it the entire semester, but now, I’m calmer about it. That’s cool.

I can’t believe this is my second to last semester of school. That’s crazy. I’m so excited to graduate and get on with my life. At the same time, I am sad to be finished. I don’t hate school; I just hate (with a passion) school in Lubbock. I wish I could keep taking English classes forever. Those are my favorite classes in the world. I would have been an English major, but I did not want to teach. At all. I have very little patience.


I have a feeling things in Lubbock are going to change very soon. Maybe then being here will be more enjoyable.


“In the morning wake me up,

And tell me everything,

So I can understand your world,

And you can understand my dream.

Yeah, I could be anywhere,

And you could be there with me,

But I just want to be a ghost,

And see everything.”

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