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What a Joke.

I hate being the family joke. I hate that my sister is so infectiously happy that everything she does is charming, and makes everything I do seem moody or broody. I hate getting made fun of in front of my grandparents and then getting in trouble for being mad about it.

At the same time, I have never felt so full of love for my family and Christmas time. Today was perfect. For the most part. I’m so ready for Christmas, and then New Year’s. New Year’s is my favorite holiday.

I miss Dallas so much it hurts tonight. I want to be back in Highland Village. Desperately. I miss walking around, I miss the girls at NY&C. I miss the lights and the fountains and the people and the overall upbeat atmosphere. It was so wonderful this summer. What I’d love to do right now is wrap myself in a huge coat and scarf and boots and go up to that Barnes and Noble, buy a coffee, grab my book and sit outside in the cold and read. I’d probably freeze after two minutes, but that two minutes would be bliss.

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