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The Christmas Season.

Christmas is almost here. Cookies are being baked, presents are being wrapped. And people are going crazy. Fights in stores over silly gifts, suffocating crowds, and panicking over finishing up Christmas shopping. When did Christmas become so rushed? It’s sad sometimes. I’ve been so busy it doesn’t even feel like Christmas yet. I’ve decided to go out and look at lights tonight.

I like getting up really late on Christmas Eve, after everyone has gone to bed, and go in the den and turn on the lights on the tree. I like to sit there in the dark and enjoy the tree and listening to the stillness of the house. I like to imagine the anticipation every person is feeling or what everyone will be getting the next morning. It’s the perfect time to slow down and enjoy the holiday. I think that may be my favorite time of the day. The alone-ness. The way the tree looks with presents spilling out of it.

I think what I want this year is to learn to control what I say. I screw up a lot with that.

I want to apologize to someone. I don’t know how to fix anything, but you know how I feel and you know I’m sorry. So that’s really all I can say; I don’t know how else to say it.

The wave of family begins arriving tomorrow. Yay…. No really, I’m excited. It’s just a full house.


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