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Finally over.

I am officially finished with four out of my five classes. My photography final is the last one…Wednesday, 8 a.m. See you there. And then, Thursday, it’s off to Midland and then Tulsa on Friday. I’ll be meeting different wacky family members for the first time. It’s a little daunting, but I think it will be fun for me to go with just my dad and Papa.


I am finally, 100 percent finished with News Writing. I have dreaded that class since I began attending Tech. The whole thought of having to interview people terrified me to no end. And now, although I certainly still get nervous initially, once I’m in the room and sitting down with the interviewee, it’s great. That’s got to be one of my favorite things now. I like to listen. That’s what interviewing calls for.

I got a 93 on my final project in that class. Just so you know, that is fantastic. Wernsman laughed at me because I kept staring at my grade. He said I looked as though I thought it was going to change. I was just so happy my hard work, and Mr. Smith’s, paid off. I worked my ass off on that project. I called my parents immediately after; I was so thrilled, especially because Wernsman really reinforced my dream of becoming an editor. I got a halfhearted “Huh” from my dad, and a vague “Good” from my mom. Not the reaction I was expecting. It’s not like I was looking for tons of praise, just a little happiness I’d done well.


Things have certainly changed since a week ago. That is definitely a good thing. I think I would have cracked had things stayed the same.


I feel good. Tired. Extremely tired. But good.

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