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December has arrived. Hooray! My favorite things about this month…

I think I start thinking about how this is the last month of the year, so I need to make it good. I love the cold, refreshing air. The Christmas music. The scarves. Cold nights and warm hot chocolate. Early, frigid mornings. Driving late at night and looking at Christmas lights.  The overall feeling of goodness. 🙂


New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday.


Most times, I think I’m generally not always a happy person. I wish I could be, and I’m trying, but I don’t think it’s my nature…I’m always a “glass is half-empty” type person. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. And that’s not to say I’m completely unhappy. Not in the least. It just takes me longer to figure out the good in a situation.


It’s finals week. Blech. Shouldn’t be too bad, hopefully. I just need to keep up with stuff.




I’m taking the night off tonight. He he.

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