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Torn Between Two Places.

You know, I’m really very excited to go home and see my family and everything, but…all I can think about is New York. Isn’t that pathetic? More and more I’ve been thinking of just going, forgetting everything in this town and Texas. I know that’s terrible. I had someone tell me recently “there’s a certain honor in that.” It stuck with me. There might be a certain honor in trying something new; doing something other than what’s always been expected of me. BUT. I feel as though that’s disrespectful to my parents and what they’ve always wanted for me. But all I want is New York, and I’m not sure they get that.


Anyways…New York is no longer just a “want” for me. It’s become a physical ache, a tug in my chest whenever I think of it. It’s become a sickness. That’s all I want, and I won’t be happy until I’m there.


One more year, God willing. And then I’ll live in the city that never sleeps…and be dazzled by the lights. Maybe I’ll find what I’ve been searching for.

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