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I think I may have finally written a decent story. I just spent all afternoon on it. Although it is for a class, this made me want to sit and keep writing. Luckily, on my early morning drive from Abilene, I came up with an idea for another story. I like this! I never have ideas.

This weekend was amazing. Back in College Station for the first time in a year. I missed all my friends. I had an incredible time. There were a few people I didn’t get to see…I regret that.

And lame as it sounds…I found what I’ve been missing here in Lubbock: belonging. A little group. I was comfortable, happy (finally). I didn’t think negative thoughts, I didn’t think about how much I hate school, I didn’t think about how I just want to go to New York. I just enjoyed being in college. I can’t explain to you how much that meant to me. It scares me, because those times are so few. At least I know (or hope) that I’ll always have a place with my College Station friends. I’m pretty sure I will. 😀 Thanks, guys! I hope you know how much I love you. And sorry I suck at Cranium. Haha. I told you I didn’t do the green.

This week is going to be crazy. I have a paper due tomorrow, a News Writing project due Friday and an anthropology test Friday morning. After all that, I go back to Abilene for a wacky family reunion thing-y. My uncle that lives in Detroit is coming back to Texas for the first time in about eight years. I’m pretty excited. While I’m in Abilene, I have to interview my Vietnam War veteran (!!), finish my photography project and write my News 4 story for News Writing. My goodness. So much for hangin’ with the fam.

“I used up your compassion
So I’ve come to make a trade
You can hate me but just love me in return
And if I know where to find you
I’ll stay out of your way
I won’t come beg to borrow all the happiness you earned


So from one to ten – ten’s exactly what I am
Zero being everything I’m not

Tell me what you like
Is it less than five?
Is it less than five?”

–“Moab,” Conor Oberst

(My current favorite song, simply because of the lyrics)

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  1. sojo
    November 3, 2008 at 8:38 pm

    hey i know that feeling. that’s why i’m going back to c-stat . . . just never came in tulsa

  2. November 4, 2008 at 12:13 pm

    Conor Oberst is just absolutely delicious.

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