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New Books, Old Memories

So I found my new favorite author this week: Ian McEwan. I started reading “Saturday,” and I fell in love with it after the first page. His writing is beautiful, and it makes me concentrate like no other book ever has. He is extremely talented, and now I’m in danger of going and buying the rest of his books. Must stay away for now.

But while I was reading, I came across this passage that made me think of something from home.


” On his way out the door Theo says, ‘Night then,’ and seconds later, when he’s a little way up the stairs he calls back, ‘See you in the morning,’ and from the top of the stairs, tentatively, on a rising question note, ‘Night?’ To each call Henry responds, and waits for the next. These are Theo’s characteristic slow fades, the three or four or even five goes he has at making his farewells, the superstition that he should have the last word. The held hand slowly slipping away.”


I have to say, I think this is pretty much my one of my favorite parts of any book I’ve read so far. It’s simple and beautiful, but it means so much to me.


When I lived at home, I did this exact same thing. My dad and I were the nights owls in the family, and I would stay up late and read on the couch while he played his guitar and watched TV. When I decided to go to bed, I would get up and say goodnight, go into the kitchen and get water, and go back through and tell Dad goodnight again. Then, I would go to my room and get ready, and almost always, go back out to the den to get something, and tell Dad good night one or two more times. It drove him nuts, and he teased me about it every time. But I never stopped, and he never asked me to. I think it was one of those little quirks that he hated about me, but didn’t want to give up. When I read that part in my book I had to email my Dad and tell him about it. He normally hates me talking to him about my books, because he is just not a reader, but he died laughing when I told him about this. No one else will probably get this, or even care, but it just made me miss my dad and love him even more.

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