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Passing the Time

So I had to work last night, 3-10. Pretty long shift, especially considering the air conditioner is once again not working. That is not a fun thing, running around in a stuffy, sweaty room. And it felt like Murphy’s Law was kicking in for me…things just went from bad to worse. But while I was up at the counter, trying to ignore the black spots dancing in front of my eyes, I kept telling myself: “Just pretend you’re in Dallas, and after this, you can go sit outside in the breeze outside of Barnes and Noble and enjoy the night.” I pretended that I could look out the front doors and see Texas Roast to my left, Nestle TollHouse straight ahead. I know that sounds silly, but I wish you could have seen the center where my job at New York and Co. was in Highland Village. It was in a little outdoor shopping center, brand new, and beautiful. The atmosphere was amazing. There were restaurants, and all sorts of eclectic stores. Bands were always playing on the patios, and the music filtered to every corner. There was a fun fountain that shot water up at different spots every time, and the kids loved to jump in it. It was my favorite place to be this summer. At night, around the fountain, kids would be playing in the water, families would be standing together, drinking, talking, enjoying the cooler temperatures of the evening. The trees would be lit up with lights and I would sit on a bench and watch. And I would think how lucky I was to be in such a beautiful place, somewhere I’d never been. It was a good feeling being somewhere that I could “explore” on my own. I’ve never done so much people-watching as I did on these nights.

But last night got me thinking about how much I miss Dallas. Not every part of Dallas (especially the traffic), but overall, I miss it so much. I especially miss my job at Brown. I miss the drive to the heart of Dallas, listening to Kidd Kraddick in the morning, drinking my coffee. I miss driving home and watching the buildings shrink in my rearview mirror (and the excitement I felt each morning watching the buildings appear). I miss walking in and greeting Kathryn, the sweetest (and awkwardest) lady you’ll ever meet. I miss sitting at my desk in the front of the office, starting my computer, and figuring out where I left off in my current project. I even miss the terrified feeling I got when Milli walked into my part of the office. I miss greeting authors, getting them coffee, and making small talk while they waited for Milli. It was fun speaking with them, and I met the most fascinating people I’ve so far experienced. I even miss the crappy jobs I got, going to the library eight thousand times a day for Cindi, being the go-to girl for anything that needs to be FedEx-ed, doing the dishes at the end of the day. I miss reading manuscripts, listening to conversations (fights) about this cover art or that. I miss the awkwardly amusing conversations with Bill, the design guy. I wish I could answer the shrill ring of the telephone: “Brown Books Publishing Group, this is Katie. How may I help you?” I miss losing myself in the beauty of written words, and enjoying every single second of it.  I miss catching that little mistake in a line or two. I miss throwing myself into a project, and knowing that I was doing something to help out the overall purpose of this company.

My job this summer was such a blessing, and it’s so nice to know that I’ve found my little “niche”; that place in my world where life makes perfect sense to me. I’ve always been a huge bookworm, and seeing the work that is put into each and every individual book just made me appreciate books, and authors, even more. One of the best things I was lucky enough to witness this summer was a man who saw his cover for the first time. I stood there and watched his eyes well up, an indescribable smile on his face. He was so overcome with the beauty of what Brown had made for him that he couldn’t speak. Books are so much more than things for people to be entertained by. They’re an expression of the author, something that the author has poured his or her heart and soul into. That makes them all the more beautiful.

But now I feel as though I’m living just to pass the time until I can do that type of work again. I can’t wait to graduate and start working. I can’t wait to graduate and hopefully, move to New York to be a lowly editorial assistant in a publishing house.  All my parent’s friends say that I’m crazy, that I should enjoy not having to work 8-5 every day. But…I think that lifestyle worked for me. And it’s not like my job was the same old thing every single day. It was always something different, and I loved that. I liked having to juggle different projects in a given day. I guess I’m just really excited for graduation next December. It’s getting close.

Well, I have to go to work right now. I suppose that’s just one shift closer to being finished! 🙂

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  1. October 3, 2008 at 1:52 am

    It’s great to hear of people missing and wanting to come back home to Highland Village and North Texas. I assure you the The Shops at Highland Village are still great for people watching. Although I still wonder where the parents are sometimes when those kids are playing in the fountain when it is 60 degrees. Ha!

    Also if you didn’t know, we are getting an IHOP now, so when you are tired of Rockfish, and Blue Goose you can now head over there.

    Congrats on being one step closer.

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