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Is Chivalry Dead?

So I was just driving home…and I heard one of those interesting radio call-in shows. The question posed was: “Is chivalry dead?”

The guy that was speaking said that he talked to a bunch of girls, all of whom said that they were “weirded out” when a boy opened the door for them, or even brought flowers for them when he picked them up. They said they would never date a man that did that for them.

All I have to say is: WHY? WHY are those girls the ones being pursued, the ones so desired by guys? I would give anything for a boy to bring me flowers. Not that I’ve even hinted at that on my recent dates. (And yes, I do date, frequently. Contrary to what I may seem, I do have some guys interested. JUST not the right one…)

I love flowers. I ADORE flowers. But I’m not gonna sit and wait for them.

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