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First Day…….

So first day in the new house!!!

Here’s what I did:: **Nothing I intended**

~Top 20 Countdown on CMT

~Partook (sp?) in a breakfast pizza compliments of the roomie’s boyfriend…Perfection!

~Puttered around my room for exactly 5 minutes before declaring myself too overwhelmed to organized the chaos that is my life

~Watched rhythmic gymnastics with the roomie and friend…Most.  Boring. Olympic sport. And I do mean that. Geez.

~Ate at a really yummy barbque place for a reeeeally late lunch.

~Watched the Harry Potter movies. Numbers 3 and 4 respectively.

~Stalked people on Facebook. For a very long time.

~Discovered my new FAVORITE newspaper…The Village Voice. Amazing. And Hilarious. Yes, I know, totally not relevant to my life, but hopefully in a year or two!! ***Fingers crossed***

~In the course of one evening, managed to blow off not one, but TWO amazing guys for a Saturday night date. Mind you, I did not technically blow them off, I just felt so guilty not wanting to hang out with them. This is what I do. It’s a disease. And not fun. :-/ It’s one thing I really hate about myself…because, I truly like these guys…just not enough to ever commit. Terrible.

And that was my day. Isn’t my life so exciting?? Riiiight. Haha.

“Cause either way, I’ll break your heart someday,

But leaving you is the last thing on my mind,

So when I go…

Baby, Kiss real slow, So I don’t forget to make my way back home…” —–Augustana

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