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In the last week, I have moved from Dallas to Midland to the greattt TTU. Ha. I loved Dallas. I’m angry that I still have to be at school. Isn’t it a little sad that I’m a college student who hates college? Isn’t it sad that I’m wishing away what is supposed to be the funnest time of my life? Yeah, I have fun with my friends, but I’m just ready for…change. I’m ready to be on my own. As I’ve said, I want to move to New York. I want to live in the big city; I’ve always lived in a small town. And it bloooows. But what can you do, right?

I’m reading a fantastic book right now. Bill Bryson’s In a Sunburned Country. I love it!!!! Yay for traveling and meeting new people. Who wants to stay in one city their entire life? For sure hell no not me. I want to see more things than freakin’ Middle of Nowhere, TX.

I moved in to my new place today. It’s…good. It just doesn’t feel like home yet, and that’s something that’s very important to me. I’m a homebody, I like to be comfortable. But this still feels like just my friend’s house, not mine yet.

“And it’s you and me and all other poeple,

ANd I don’t know why…I can’t keep my eyes off of you…”

I miss someone tonight. Loneliness is an awful feeling. Especially when no one except that person can soothe the ache.

Sorry I’m not more interesting. This is why I want to be an editor…not a writer. But I digress. 🙂


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