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Here Goes…

Okay, well here goes…

I’m obsessed with the play Rent. I’m devastated that it’s going off Broadway. I think it is an amazing story. I’m also obsessed with all things New York. It’s my dream to move there immediately after I graduate college…which hopefully, will be January 2010. Coming up baby! I love to read more than anything. I’m currently working at a publishing house as an editorial assistant…exactly what I’d be doing in New York! I love it…but I read all day, and then come home and read at night. Lame, yes, but it’s nice. I think that’s the way I escape. I figured out that that’s the reason that I find it so difficult to express myself at times. My head is so filled with the rich characters of books that I can’t get my own thoughts out sometimes…I find it hard to say exactly how I feel without getting mixed up.
I keep a small book of my favorite quotes. Anytime I read a quote that I like, it goes in the book. 🙂 If someone picked it up and leafed through it, he/she would probably find it odd because they are not mainstream quotes. These are quotes that I read in my books, lines that jumped out at me and made me smile, laugh, cry, think, or just sit and sigh with the beauty of the words. They make no sense to anyone but myself. 
I have been in love once. And it was a beautiful and terrible and wonderful thing. I think I still love this boy…this man, and I know he feels the same way I do. But it’s not meant to be…or it’s not meant to be right now. But oh, how I miss him. Deeply and painfully. 
I love to be held. I Love to be cared for. Touch means more to me than gifts. Consider yourself lucky to be with a girl like that. She is not often appreciated.

“Never part without loving words to think of during your absence. It may be that you will not meet again in this life.” —Jean Paul Richter

“With so much sky and so much river, you couldn’t help seeing the big picture. It was what you already knew, but crowding into the subway or rushing to a movie, you only saw it for a second, and close up. Now I took a good long look. I’d always heard you couldn’t see stars in Manhattan because of all the lights. But here they all were. Here was my night in shining armor.”
–“The Wonder Spot”

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